Your e-shop vs. competitors

Analysis of your e-shop performance against its competition

Web-analystics for e-commerce

  • KoszykKey performance indicators
  • DolarIdentification of areas for improvement
  • DolarAnalysis of sales in every category

Comparison with the market

See how your e-shop compares to the market

Comparison Almost every idincator can be compared with the market or its segments

Unified categorization system Enables in-depth analysis of each category

Analysis of the effectiveness of traffic sources through the prism of categorization and comparison to the competition

Exclusiveness Data are owned by the e-shop and without its consent will not be shown to third parties

Sample comparative data

Clear presentation of data

  • Screenshoot - ShopMonitorModern presentation of data
  • Screenshoot - ShopMonitorIntuitive and easy-to-use desktop allows for monitoring the current situation of the e-shop
  • Screenshoot - ShopMonitorTrend charts showing results in comparison with other periods

Simple installation

We have prepared plugins for the most popular e-commerce platforms.
The list of supported platforms is constantly expanded.

  • Magento
  • OsCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • Shoper
  • Click Shop
  • Sklepicom
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